Gaming the Classroom was created by Lee Sheldon and Jenna Hoffstein.

You can contact us at gamingtheclassroom (at) gmail (dot) com

Lee Sheldon has written and designed 20 commercial video games and MMOs. His book Character Development and Storytelling for Games is required reading at many game developers and in game design programs at some of the world’s most distinguished universities. Lee is a contributor to several books on video games including Well-Played 2.0 (due out later this year), Writing for Video Game Genres from the IGDA, Game Design: An Interactive Experience and Second Person. He is cited in many publications; and is a regular lecturer on game design and writing in the US and abroad. Before his career in video games Lee wrote and produced over 200 popular television shows, including Star Trek: The Next Generation, Charlie’s Angels, and Cagney and Lacey. Recently he consulted on Danger Game, a TV series in development for the SyFy Channel. As head writer of the daytime serial Edge of Night he received a nomination for best writing from the Writers Guild of America. Lee has been twice nominated for Edgar awards by the Mystery Writers of America. His first mystery novel, Impossible Bliss, was re-issued in 2004. While continuing to write and design commercial video games, Lee is a professor at Indiana University where he teaches game design and screenwriting; and is creative director of the narrative-driven MMO Londontown. While at IU Lee has worked on the serious games Quest Atlantis and Virtual Congress; and most recently wrote and designed the alternate reality games The Skeleton Chase and Skeleton Chase 2: The Psychic funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; and Skeleton Chase 3: Warp Speed funded by Coca-Cola. He is currently writing and designing a new children’s video game; is writing his third book, Practical Game Design: A Toolkit for Educators, Researchers and Developers to be published this August; and has just begun work as writer and design consultant on a browser-based MMO.

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Jenna Hoffstein is a graduate student at IU and is currently taking Lee’s “Multiplayer Game Design” course.  She is a game designer whose primary interest lies in virtual worlds. She graduated from Bates College in 2007 with a BA in Studio Arts and has been immersed in games ever since. Jenna is attending IU to immerse herself in the academia of game design so she can bring a solid foundation of knowledge around game design and virtual worlds back to the game development community.  Currently Jenna is engaged in many game design projects including an ARG, multiple MMOs, a multi-player empire building game, and an iPhone game.

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