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Multiplayer Classroom Facebook Page

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The Multiplayer Classroom Facebook page at!/pages/The-Multiplayer-Classroom-Designing-Coursework-as-a-Game/156707907724860

is up. Not a lot of information yet, but I hope to move the content of this blog over there. It’s much easier for me to keep it up to date, something I haven’t been able to do without a graduate student to help me this semester!


Extra Credits Current Episode on Gaming the Classroom

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Check it out here: It’s coverage of the multyiplayer classroom is out of date, focusing only on XP, however there are some great ideas here.


The Multiplayer Classroom Publication Date

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The Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Coursework as a Game will be published on June 14, 2011 by Cengage Learning. It includes in depth looks at four iterations of the muliplayer classroom; case histories from teachers from Louisiana to Hawaii; how-to chapters on designing classes as games, and a lot more. Have a look!


Gaming the Dating Scene

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Dating and games can make for strange bedfellows, and I don’t just mean E3 hookups. From Chuck Woolery’s televised dating disasters to the pick-up artist system, the combination seems to bring more tears and jeers than smiles and romance.

No longer!

Moving beyond the blind dates and bar scenes, Melissa Malka has toyed around with Lee Sheldon’s game-based classroom design and cooked up a leveling system for the marriage-minded player.

You gain XP by defeating stereotypes, completing milestones, and courting.”

As funny as handling a date like a raid and making a boss fight out of asking a father for his daughter’s hand in marriage are, Melissa’s humor touches on the value of adopting a leveling approach to long-term social situations.

It raises the questions: Where in your personal or professional relationships does the level grind feel most severe? What’s your boss fight.


T366 Multiplayer Game Design Post Mortem

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The spring semester has come to an end, and the second iteration of Lee Sheldon’s game design class (taught as a game) has concluded.

Curious as to how the semester went?  View the notes from Lee and the students on the post mortem page.


Jesse Schell’s talk added to TED: Best of the Web

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Part of Jesse Schell’s DICE talk has been added to the TED website under the “Best of the Web” section, meant to highlight inspiring talks given across the internet!

Check it out here!


Jesse Schell’s DICE talk and blog

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Jesse Schell presented an inspirational talk at DICE 2010 titled “Design Outside the Box” (in which he mentions Lee Sheldon’s game design class), be sure to check it out if you haven’t already!

For more thoughts on how advances in technology are incorporating more and more game elements into everyday life visit his blog Gamepocalypse Now.