Mentions of Lee Sheldon’s Game Design Class

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We’ve been overwhelmed with websites mentioning Lee’s class so here they all are in one big list:

DICE 2010: “Design Outside the Box”
The video that started all the buzz!

At Indiana U., a Class on Game Design Has Students Playing to Win
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Professor Ditches Grades for XP System

College Game Design Classes Graded Like World of Warcraft

Employers: Look to gaming to motivate staff

Professor Abandons Grades for Experience Points
the escapist

Prof Subs Grades for Experience Points, Presentations With Quest

Fighting monsters, taking tests

Professor Abandons Grades for Experience Points

Build Your Own Sheldon Syllabus
Terra Nova

Game Theory
business bytes genes molecules

The Instance #182 – “It’s Pronounced Throatwobbler Mangrove”
The Instance Podcast

Professor Users RPG-like Exp Rather Than Grades
Tom’s Guide

Replacing school grades with an XP system
The Escapist Blog

Is Game Design The Future of Marketing?

XP Replaces Grades in Indiana University Classes

University class swaps grades for experience points
Yahoo plugged in

XP Replaces Grades in Indiana University Classes

Game design professor beta tests a new grading system

More Role Playing in the Classroom
Class Notes

Classes in a MMO format
Tree of Life

Can a College Class be a Game?
Of Teeth & Claws

Transformando a sala de aula em videogame

Gaming the Classroom
Spotlight on Media and Learning

Das ganze Leben ist ein Spiel

Jesse Schell: future of games from DICE 2010
WIRED: Beyond the Beyond

Are we missing any?  E-mail us at gamingtheclassrom (at)  to let us know!

3 Responses to “Mentions of Lee Sheldon’s Game Design Class”

  1. Just want let folks know that David Wiley at Brigham Young University used a very similar structure for his course several semesters ago. It was written up in the Chronicle here:

    My colleague at Austin College Kirk Everist and I tried a more circumscribed version of the grading and assignment structure for our Immersion Media course last Spring.

  2. This XP system in class is an amazing idea! I mentioned it on my blog (in portuguese).

  3. I know you guys will try to call bullshit…but I was in this class last semester. Fall 09′ TEL-T 367

    I got an A 😉


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